What we do is pretty simple — we always do the right thing for our clients and we make lending better!

We are one of the top lending teams in the nation, and we’ve been able to succeed by restructuring how the lending process works.

Traditionally, a loan officer talks to clients, works on documents, quotes rates and then passes it off to another department. This leads to confusion, unnecessary back and forth, inaccurate information being delivered, and a terrible overall experience for homeowners.

In contrast, we’ve built a team of seasoned specialists all in one office dedicated to each client we work with. Would you rather have a one-man-band working on the largest financial decision of your life or an entire team of experts?

Since 2003 we’ve been providing our clients and Realtor Partners sound, strategic mortgage planning. With over $1.5 Billion in successful closings, there isn’t a situation that we haven’t seen or been able to create a solution for.

(Not convinced? Check out our five-star Yelp page or our five-star Zillow profile for more client reviews.)

Homeowners deserve better than what the industry has given them.

We solve the dreadful mortgage process by giving them a highly qualified, professional and honest lending experience.

Why a Dedicated Team of Expert Matters

Early on in his career Regan realized that there was a huge difference between how clients treated a mortgage compared to their investment portfolios. While history has shown us that real estate is one of the best ways to build wealth, clients seemed to put a priority on choosing the right wealth advisor but treated a mortgage like it was buying a TV. He quickly realized that it wasn’t the client’s choice, it was what each industry has given them.

We’ve built our practice just like a wealth advisor or money manager would. We’ve added experienced professionals that each have specific areas of expertise. We have a former accountant, a former money manager that held a series 7 and 63 license, a former underwriting supervisor and everyone on our team has at least a decade of experience in the mortgage industry.

We give homeowners the ability to be as strategic with their home purchases as they are with their other investments. Any lender can provide debt, but we provide the confidence of a well thought out mortgage plan created by specialists in all areas of finance.